Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Opening post

Ok, I'm creating this blog to write down my thoughts on important things that I've been thinking about and what has been happening. If you are interested, feel free to read through it.

Whilst on the train to Lichfield from Birmingham New Street to see my girlfriend, something unusual, at least to me, happened. At the other end of my coach, a man with a guitar on his back stood up and addressed us all: "People on the train to Lichfield from Birmingham new street" and then proceeded to pronounce the gospel to us all in some detail in a monologue which ended when the train arrived at the next station, at which point he said goodbye and got off. Mostly people on the train just seemed amused, although I have no idea as to what the overall impact of it actually was, planting seeds etc. I attempted, and failed miserably, to capitalise on the situation because I forgot to ask God who to talk to. I have to admit, whilst he was speaking, I wanted to go up to him and "explain to him his error". Which is stupid, really. I have to try not to put other people down because they don't do things differently. Anyway.
But it got me thinking. He had a fairly distinctive eastern european accent, and I am guessing there may be some cultural element to his actions. But before you start scoffing, consider this. In all probability he will never again meet any of those people, and he may have a significant impact on some people. So, it seems to me, that the benefits of potential salvation far outweigh the feeling of embarrassment, and also, it gives an opportunity to all the quiet christians on the coach to start talking. Personally, I would want to be more personal, but too often there is either a total abscence of boldness, or preaching of hellfire and damnation to the masses, which on its own, only invites scorn. Perhaps more of us ought to be bold and speak out to those around us, and speak of the love of a perfect God. People are more interested than you think.

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