Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Being with God

My best friend, who's not a Christian, whilst rambling about people, made a very interesting statement. "Just by being around other people, you are changed by them."
He was talking about how we change ourselves subconsciously when we spend time around other people.
But that, combined with an important conversation relating to spending more time with God, it dawned on me. The more time we spend around God, talking to Him, listening to Him, thinking about Him, the more like Him we become, and the clearer it becomes what to do in a situation. Every time I do spend some serious time around God, its great and I don't want it to stop, yet most of the time I always seem to have something distracting me, or taking away from the time that I had allocated to spending with Him. As emily put it, we need to try to spend time on the important, and not let the Urgent get in the way.
God is in control.
He is.
Don't forget it!

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