Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Changing society pt1

People, particularily christians, often pick holes in our society. They're mostly right: We are too greedy, we are too impatient, we consume far too much, community has been lost (at least to a degree) and so much else besides. A lot of these factors are primarily social, as well. And the thing is, we spend so much time pointing out what is wrong, yet so few of us present clear solutions to our problems. Breathe is one positive example, but so often whatever guidance as to how to change the situation is too vague to be effective. What is needed are people who can see what is wrong, know it is wrong, and are willing to change it. There are quite a lot of those people, however. But more importantly, these people need to know what to do to actually effect the change they desire. So often there are lots of words and little action. I suppose that may partly be the result of any action by these people, who are in the minority, being resisted by the rest. Yet surely those other people could be convinced of the truth, so that action may happen. And then we get to the biggest problem. The seductive properties of Sin. Whilst most people want the harm they are doing to stop, they are not prepared to give up the pleasures which are the cause. They refuse to see the harm it does to others because then they would have to stop what seems so good and attractive to them. And many of us have fallen into that trap at one point or another. But again it comes back to the original question: what is to be done?

So... How do you change our society? With legislation? With rallys? The slow way: one heart at a time? How?

I know I'm guilty of base hypocrisy here, but I'm partially throwing out the question to people so it can be dealt with, and also, partly based on any feedback, I'm hoping to make some suggestions in later posts.

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